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I don't think a nun would say that about a hill

some idiot thought it was a good idea to start watching Moulin Rouge at 11:15pm.

I ordered all the ledges for the chinchilla cage last night and bought a bunch of fleece last weekend, so all the parts are on the way here. Well, maybe. I have to see what I think about the pans that are in there and how much bedding I'm going to use and stuff. I keep getting stuff from this one chinchilla rescue because they make such good stuff and it's nice to support a rescue, but ordering things involves emailing the lady directly and I always feel super awkward about it.

I'm not sure why? It's almost as bad as when I have to call people on the phone. but this time I had actual questions about the big cage and she kind of just ignored them. I realize she's super busy and things, but...idk. super awkward. I really need some advice about the wheel too, because Shinchilla's gone so long without ever having one that I'm not sure she'll learn to use it, and they aren't cheap.

I did a ton of laundry today and a bunch of schoolwork during the day, but it was all at the expense of doing any homework for my class tonight, and even when I did start like 20 minutes before, I realized at the last second I was reading the wrong play for this week. whaaaat. I still have no idea what to do my presentation on and I'm very last so there's no way to know if anybody else will pick the same topic as me? This lack of structure, what is it about.

I have been so busy after school all week that I'm completely exhausted and it's only Wednesday night. It's not even physical exhaustion, so much as just, please just let me sit here for an evening with myself, but no. Tomorrow night either, I'm going out to dinner with some other foreign language teachers. Like, yay! But omg so tired.

Shinchilla is side-eying me because this is not Star Trek and also I keep singing along.

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