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Tommy Oliver is a Ghost

It's been a week full of things, that's for sure.

Shiritori started a new round, which I am so excited about. firstly I got made leader of team 3 ♥ and there is promise of speed shiritori and our name is Team Sonic which I think is great. Also ri dropped out so no more surprise ex posts on the flist. since I tweaked twitter to prevent that there, only shiritori was still causing that. she might come back eventually, and she has every right to, but for now it's an intermittent unpleasant surprise I could do without. For my first fic this round I wrote the traditional dress group fic I kept threatening a couple of you guys with, or at least the beginning of it.

Over the weekend I built the most ridiculous new chinchilla cage ever:

I hauled out my sewing machine and made all the flannel liners myself and even some hammocks, although that is a work in progress still. I have all the pieces cut out for the rest of it but I haven't been home enough to actually finish. as you can see, Shinchilla was incredibly pissed for the first day or two because of the upheaval, but she's getting better now. It messed up her sleeping routine and the getting her out of the cage routine too, but as of today it only took like 2 minutes to get her out instead of 25 so I think we're making progress.

because of chinchilla and fic drama, I've been going to bed super late and last night I was terrible, so i've been soooooo tiiiiiired all day. after shinchilla time I may just sleep on the couch. sometimes that's the most satisfying thing.

Also this morning, I fit back into a pair of pants from last winter, barely, but enough to wear to school. thank goodness at least a tiny bit of progress happened. I've been calorie tracking again since I got the new phone, and although I'm only managing 1-2 trips to the gym a week, it's probably the monitoring that helps more than anything. I just really really do not want to be the 220lbs white chick in Japan this August. It's going to be enough of a scene dragging my father around, trust me.

On the flip side of health news, I haven't had a period in like 80 days, which means I've skipped at least two. I skip one a couple times a year, but I've never skipped two like this. I don't want to go back to the lady doctor because she wants me to go on birth control to keep from going 60+ days because there's risk of whatever other problems, and I want to do that -300%. I understand that bc can be a lot different now than when I was on it 14 years ago in college, but I didn't enjoy it then, don't especially want my hormones or moods toyed with, and really, does it matter if I have some kind of reproductive problem? it really, really doesn't. it's not like reproduction is even a remote possibility so who the fuck cares. it feels like being the butt of the universe's joke that I even have to have some sort of bc argument with this lady.

I watched the crazy violent Power Rangers thing and OH GOD IT'S AMAZING. the actual reboot can never live up to it lol. The quality of it was just stunning, and I loved the dark take on it. Plus they shipped my green/pink ship so yessss. Also apparently the Jem live action movie is moving forward and there's some kind of comic? I need to look into the comic. And apparently read the Raven Cycle.

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