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So I'm a dog, and my chinese new year horoscope had only one totally positive spot and it was this: the way to attract money is to do nothing in particular to try and attract it. It'll just show up.

TRUE FACTS. Several examples:
*crazy tax refund because of school. Crazy!! I've never in my entire life had a tax refund worth more than $250, so when I did the online thing and it came up with a number with four digits in it, I was like, no do it again, that's wrong. But it wasn't!
*Truck had a leaky tire plus all tires are old and I was sure that was going to be $600 for new tires, easily. Tire place said back tires were fine, 2 new tires $200.
*All I do is cover classes at school, which is annoying, but lucrative.
*SATs this weekend went from "don't need you" to "You're on call" to "be late room if people are late" to "no you have to do a real room" in the space of 24 hours. Apparently the universe needed me to have that $125 very, very badly.

I will say on the other hand that I had the worst electric bill I've ever had, thanks to the exploding water heater, among other things, but I'm still way ahead. Also I called and whined on the phone about it because holy rate hike Batman, so they locked my rate for a couple months. This is what I get for trying to help out the planet by switching to a wind power provider, damn.

I broke down and called the lady doctor, hoping they wouldn't be able to get me in for ages like usual but instead there was a cancellation for tomorrow. So of course 3 hours later, my body decides it's lady time for the first time in 105 days (that is not an exaggeration). Seriously fuck you so much. It could be another fakeout, which has happened once, but I'm sure it won't be because that's now how things work in my world. So now I get to go have a talk about birth control and my weight and whether I'm depressed, for basically no reason. Maybe I'll make British Lady Doctor listen to the entire story about why I have a chinchilla and no roommate just so somebody else has to suffer along with me however briefly before they decide to draw 19 vials of blood from me.

In other exciting news, some state police were here earlier hunting down some guy who apparently lives or lived in my apartment complex, so I got questioned about him. There was some door-to-door canvasing so for a minute it was like I was in the opener of a Law and Order episode.

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