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in the words of Apu: okay whatever

Lady doctor appointment was not satisfactory, to say the least. they just basically tell me it's normal no matter what happens, and lady times did indeed show up overnight (ofc) so the woman was like, why did you even keep this appointment then. I forced them to schedule an ultrasound at least, since my mother had like ALL the lady problems, but I came out like five times as frustrated and upset as when I went in. Then I texted my mother the story in the most inflammatory way possible so that she'd get even madder than me.

That part actually made me feel better. Honestly, I give up. If one ovary is basically a polycystic paperweight in there, it matters about zero percent. Next time I'll wait until I've skipped like 8 periods and then they'll be like ah yes menopause. or maybe something down there will explode and then I can be like, see I told you. So it's win-win.

It's restaurant week this week in Hershey, apparently, so mom and I went out to dinner at this super fancy place we like because they had a special menu that was much more reasonable than their usual stuff. I had duck crostini and like the best risotto on the earth.

I'm reading Raven Boys finally. Actually I read The True Meaning of Smekday over the weekend, mostly during SATs and it was super funny. When I got to the seven magnificent genders line, I about lost it in front of the kids taking the SATs. I bet that invalidates my whole testing room.

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