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the hydra of menial tasks

I was going to write but ugh have a post.

Instead of having a nice low-key evening to try and write some of this junk (shiritori whyyy) I had to drive like four towns over and now i'm waiting for "can't ever make it to a meeting" latin teacher to drop off some of their projects for Latin festival. I have a list of junk on my desk that I have to do that's about a page long, and every part of it that I do generates a couple other things. I did go over to the rental office and complain about my electric bill failure, and I think I might actually get some mileage out of that, fingers crossed. but trying to pay these field trip people, 4 phone calls later that is not going so well.

plus I get to stand up in front of an auditorium tomorrow and try to coax 8th graders into taking a foreign language (preferably mine). I don't know why that five minutes twice makes me so nervous but it totally does, and it's like the third year I've done it.

I had a super busy weekend again, plus this Saturday I'm going up to NYC with a friend (anybody around? idk what RL friend wants to do but for sure I'm dragging her to Kino's). I know better than to stack that many days where I never get to sleep in late, because if I don't catch up on weekends it gets totally ugly fast.

I'm 2/3s through Raven Boys book 1 and really enjoying it. [personal profile] musesfool tore through them in about 3 days which I take as a good sign. She also commented on their Marauder-ish vibe, which I felt the truth of, and explains why I already ship Ronan/Adam kind of a little. Also because last night Ronan said "I'm always straight" and Adam's response was "That's the biggest lie you've ever told."

Last night I managed to watch Ebi's Legend con, and it was so, so good. All of their solos were great, there was so much jr/Baka6 action, Darkness girl version was absolutely perfect, and this time it was actually Tottsu's solo that made me cry instead of Hasshi's. He just looked so happy and good, with his stars all up his jacket sleeve. I commented on twitter a couple times just how good Kawai's voice really is, and what a shame that he always does dweeby stuff so we'll never get the good, soaring solo that he totally ought to have. Also I forgot Team Ra was on there so I was caught off-guard by all the feelings, followed immediately by Hasshi singing with Nozawa and Sanada. MY HEART. And yay Snowmen as guests getting called up to stage and introduced!

Plus Sanada playing guitar, oh man, that was really awesome. How much do I love Ebi using jrs to do that kind of stuff? Like I miss old school Question? and stuff but it's so nice to see guys participating of all the different parts of concerts, like instruments or staging or costuming or choreography or writing music themselves or whatever. I love that some of them will find something they can really excel at and make a place for themselves even if they don't turn out to be lifelong idols.

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