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Romans go home

OKAY YES LET'S TALK ABOUT RAVEN BOYS BOOK 1 AND HOW I NEED TO BUY 2 TOMORROW AFTER SCHOOL. I literally just went out and bought it. Also a pineapple tote bag. Because pineapples.


actually before spoilers, I was so annoyed that the Latin was bad. Just get somebody to do it for you! whyyyyyyy. I would have totally accepted that their Latin was bad, because high school students, except Gansey made such a deal over Ronan's being good, and also the trees' Latin was bad too. Noooooo. Get an editor!! HIRE ME.

Aside from being distressed aesthetically, I was distressed because now it will feel out of character to write them having good Latin, but otherwise I have to write bad Latin myself. nooooo. I'm hoping in the second book they get a new Latin teacher and suddenly realize their old teacher was shit. Because he was.

I thought the last 50-100 pages of the book were suddenly miles more interesting than all the first chunks. Maybe it's just that a lot of stuff I wanted to happen did, I don't know.

I had guessed something was up with Noah from the very first time he was on the page, but I thought he was a vampire. I really did. No eating and pale and weird, definitely vampire. At first I thought the other boys knew but Blue just didn't, then after a while I realized they didn't either. I was totally surprised that he turned out to be Whelk's friend, like pleasantly so because i read a lot of YA during the school year and I find it surprising basically never. It was nice!

And then after that when he started to fade away I was simultaneously pleased by the premise of having him move around weird things in the apartment or whispering in their ears or doing other strange stuff, as a thing I could play with in fic, and also mildly concerned he would disappear at the end of the book. But only mildly because I know he's in fic and stuff, so I assumed that wouldn't happen really.

I found Ronan bursting in to beat up Adam's father immensely satisfying. I did a little chair dance! Probably because I ship them a lot. a lot a lot. I'm sure Ronan had been dying to do that for a thousand years and totally saw himself as the avenging hero of that story, and Adam saw it as the most annoying thing Ronan could possibly do and aside from being incredibly angry about it in general was probably doubly angry that Ronan forced him into a position where Adam himself had to make the call on never coming home again, but in a way where it wasn't his choice at all. I understood, narratively, why we saw his fight with Gansey rather than with Ronan, but I did want to see the other fight. But then also, later I was like, well, I bet fic will do that a lot better anyway, given that it's a published YA novel and apparently I'm supposed to think Adam likes Blue/girls.

I mean, you know, he can totally like Blue/girls. It's just that I think he likes Ronan way more, in that kind of way where some of the time he doesn't like Ronan even a little. I certainly think Ronan likes Adam a lot more than any girl, but probably just starts a lot of fights with him either trying to ignore it or trying to do something about it.

I think Adam is my favorite? Mm, it's a tough call. I wish it were Noah because then the fact that my favorite always dies wouldn't matter. Anyway, I liked that Ronan casually invades Adam's little going through the box date with his weird baby bird in what felt to me like a very purposeful way. like oh hi is this private time so sorry I brought my creepy half-baked pet and also my friend the ghost and my knee can touch Adam's too see. There was another quote from Adam/Ronan that made me laugh in the same way as "that's the biggest lie you've ever told" but now I can't remember what it was.

I sort of want to have as a piece of some fic that Adam is like "wtf is that" and Ronan has to admit that he dreamed he was going to give Adam a new ear and now he's holding an ear in his hand. And Adam is like that's kind of gross and you think that's romantic, don't you and Ronan's like NO I HATE YOUR FACE AND I HOPE THE OTHER ONE FALLS OFF. I'm not sure what they do with the ear. Bury it? Will it decompose?

Oh wait, I do remember. It was the thing where Ronan is teaching Adam to drive his car and he's cursing and Adam thinks it sounds blackly beautiful or something like that. I really liked that little scene. I totally want some fic about driving lessons and how they're both terrible at them.

I knew the thing at the very end, about Ronan dreaming, because what got me to buy the first book finally was the tumblr post about Ronan dreaming a Tarot deck with dumb things like "the minimart" and "nine of dicks." So I guess the bird thing was supposed to be cryptic, but I was like ah, that. I thought it would become a thing long before the end of the book.

So yes. GUSH AT ME. but watch it please because I haven't started 2 yet (well, I read the first bit about the weird plane but then I stopped because I have to get some writing done).

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