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I had to clean like every last thing in the apartment today because it was guinea pig day plus I hadn't done anything like swiffer or clean the tub for ages. That ate up most of my day since I didn't crawl out of bed until like 1pm and ached all over, but the irony is that when I already feel terrible is when I tend to do stuff like that because I'm already at FML threshhold.

Spent all yesterday in NYC with school friends, and we walked endlessly plus as usual I end up with a bunch of stuff from UNIQLO to haul around, which is why my shoulders are killing me. We had fun -- I dragged them to the Sunrise Mart for lunch and then the Kino's, then we did like Disney Store and I got a big Stitch TsumTsum. In the end we had Korean BBQ and then went to real Karaoke at the new Duet on 35th. Both of them were surprisingly into it, which is how we ended up not getting home until 1am. Which wouldn't have been serious at all for me except that I then had to start Chinchilla time so it was a looong night.

Speaking of Shinchilla, her new trick is to yank the flower decals off the wall and then get mad when they're stuck all over her. You can't eat those! Leave them alone!!

I did manage to read up to chapter 10 of Raven Boys 2 this afternoon, and I am definitely enjoying Ronan's POV as I had guessed that I would. As someone with a weird high-maintenance pet I enjoy him and his bird. I also ship him and Adam just a little harder with each passing chapter, especially after canon statements like the line about how Ronan dreams about Adam sometimes. I have some odd ideas I want to write about, but even if I didn't have other fics that have to be done in the next couple days, I want to wait until I'm at least done reading 2 or else I'll surely do it all wrong.

Shit I need a Raven Boys icon. I forgot how hard it is to be in a fandom that doesn't have visual stuff!

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