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Quick March Exchange Wrap-up

4 of us ended up participating, which is great! Here's what turned up:

Ai no Beat - Tamamori/Miyata, NC-17 by orangegreenlove

Changes in the Name of the Moon (Werewolf AU) - R-ish, Hokuto, Yokoo, Goseki, Kawai by aleena_mokoia

Sweet Darkness - Akito/Shige, NC-17 by orangegreenlove

Hidemari (Sunny Spot) - R, Taiga/Jesse by mousapelli

I'm Not Gonna Taiko a Love Song - Kitayama/Senga, PG by mousapelli

Next Round: So I was thinking about doing a prompt-fill round just for something totally different? Also I don't want to burn people out so I was going to give it a week before trying to set up the next thing.

If you have a suggestion for this round, or just are interested, comment here. Also if you have something else you wanted to finish, comment here as well and I will add you to the post.
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