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Magician Miyata can show up anytime please

yeah here's a bunch of stuff, idk.

Baka6 has a unit name! Even though 6Tones is kind of JE-kei dweeby, I'm so happy for them, and happy that Taiga has been sneaking into Crea as much as his schedule allows. Somebody tweeted about them being able to say "Our name is...6TONES" now and then I cried because ugh these tiny kids are growing up so much. If just getting a name makes me cry, anything more is going to be USELESS WRECK. Given how much I cry over Ebi, it maybe be too much.

Saw Age of Ultron tonight and it was a bit slow at first but I was satisfied in the end. They're such a good cast, and I love how the movies build on earlier ones and expand relationships. We also got just a TEENY bit more of BFF Cap and Natasha, which was my favorite part about Winter Soldier, really. And Thor talked like Thor, yessss. I think I still liked the first Avengers much better as a cohesive whole, but this one was worth my 3D money, for sure.

I am so wrecked this week because of the dumb Latin Festival, but it's over for another year, and I didn't have to even kill anyone. One year there will be a year where we aren't embarrassing and nothing makes me cry, but this year was not it. SOME DAY. I overslept really far Wed morning and then today I was practically falling asleep on my desk. I'm not sure this weekend will be enough, ugh. so close to the end of the year. SO CLOSE.

at dinner recent breakup friend was talking about how she's been super low and irritable and has to talk herself into doing everything, and how she keeps telling herself it's fine to be sad and it'll pass. I just sat quietly while everybody else was encouraging her because I don't feel like, for me, that it is ever going to pass. Mostly I just wish I would eventually stop caring as much about it, which feels a lot more realistic than thinking anything will be different some amount of time later. 2005 = alone on floor watching anime, 2015 = alone on floor watching anime with chinchilla, I somehow doubt 2025 will reveal shocking change. Shinchilla will still probably be here, really.

anyway. whatever. super excited to do as much nothing as possible tomorrow. And i have some of the apple cider soy wings I made leftover from last night, which were amazing.

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