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Meant to post all last week about spending the weekend in NYC with Amy and Brina (do you guys even have LJs anymore), and then meeting up with [personal profile] musikologie, but I was so exhausted all week it never happened. New karaoke buddies though!! also Japan Fest was fun and I saw several seconds of the heads of half a dozen members of AKB48.

I joined Fresh20 the other day and today I went to the grocery store for the first time with it. The premise is that they give you a weekly plan for 5 dinners and the ingredients overlap in such a way that you only have to buy 20 things total. I have some issues with its estimated cost (like really, I can't buy a single sausage even if that's what I need? be real) but this week's stuff sounded good, and I loved the one page printable grocery list split up by store section. I made sausage-squash-tomato flatbread for dinner tonight and both mom and I thought it was great.

I just wanted to do something different since I'm making exactly zero progress on the weight front. I'm willing to try new vegetables and things, so why not. there's an accidental capture of me in the yearbook where I look like a giant blueberry and it's so embarrassing.

speaking of my body's failure, apparently I am sick. My throat started hurting yesterday and I've been taking a lot of advil cold and sinus today, which made the all-day training I was at an even bigger struggle than it was already going to be. compounded by the fact that other (other) Latin teacher just proposed to her longtime girlfriend. well whatever. eventually i'll probably learn to cope. with anything.

At least JE has been surprisingly accommodating lately. I'm still really happy for SixTONES, and it's fun to talk about stuff like member colors on tlist. And bless you Taki for letting us have the naming announcement on TakiCHANnel! Tonoooooo. Ebi's album is totally nice, and I haven't watched the stuff yet because too busy, but I'm more proud of them every single release. I especially like Tottsu's solo ♥ And Snowmen were backing for them on their Music Japan perf and in their PV, which is amazing. Kisumai duets!!! It's not until forever, but it's just the best thing ever that that is happening. I'm really proud of them too.

Also JEFQF changed hands and so I signed up. I was relieved about it, and relieved I wasn't the only one. I wasn't so sure about kink format because it's not a thing I'm especially into, but then the principle of the thing won out, so I just went for it.

I started booking hotels for dad and I in Japan in August and honestly I only have one nailed down. I'm worried I'll book something and then we'll decide to do things in a different order, or idk, anything. When I go by myself I don't feel that much pressure about it, but I'm nervous taking him along too. We ordered our rail passes at least. And I'm so busy with the end of school I don't have a lot of time to sit and focus on it either. Every day I think "shit I have to X" but only at a time when I can't do it at that moment and then I forget later. I've had my fingerprint paperwork in my bag for weeks! Weeks! But everyday I forget when I'm at school. It's a bad, bad scene.

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