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this is not the kind of up all night in bed I was hoping for

All of Dad and my hotel rooms for Japan are booked! Holy crap that was a struggle. There were too many places and too many options, and on top of that default Japan hotel is double bed, mostly, which I assure you my father and I cannot fit on comfortably. In a few spots I looked into hostels, but the male/female gender difference thwarted me there as well. So I could have done it much cheaper if I were on my own/with mom, but on the other hand everything is near a train station and I spent less on 5 nights in Tokyo than the last time I spent 2 in a hotel in NYC. so I feel accomplished.

I will hopefully even get to see a day's worth of Gamushara! not quite the concert announcement I was hoping for, but still cool. Last summer was way more fun and interesting than I would have thought, so I hope the stuff they get to do this year will be good too. Looks like I'll be shooting for the hokuto/shintarou team vs the Jesse/Juri team, which is the only day that fits into my schedule more or less. Conveniently those are the two teams I want to see most!

i took a half day off work Friday because I have the worst headcold in humanity and I couldn't take it anymore. Worse than the cold itself is the fact that I can't sleep at all; for like four nights now I wake up every hour because my throat hurts or I can't breathe or I'm having an allergy attack at 4am (like last night). so at this point i'm basically destroyed. I can't make even small decisions, like being able to dress myself for work, and I cry for no reason a lot. i was supposed to drive down to 3bro's for the long weekend for korean BBQ and there was no chance of that happening so I was really cranky about that yesterday.

My parents came over for the first round of practice chinchilla time. I thought for sure she would just hide behind the couch the entire time, but she was super friendly??? I was like, really, who are you and where is my chinchilla? she thought my dad's shoelaces were great and in the end even hopped into my mom's lap and let mom pet her. Math teacher friend also agreed to come over a few times before school ends, because upon reflection I think getting the chinchilla used to the idea that various other people might come over here would be better. And really, she's been a million times better behaved for me the last few months? 6 months ago just getting her out of the cage was a struggle and now when I reach in there she rolls over for chin scratches. But I just thought that was, you know, me. I didn't for a second think that I might have actually fixed the chinchilla.

Gosh just think how much earlier this would have happened if I had understood that I would be doing all the chinchilla training right at her moment of purchase. hm. anyway hopefully the poor animal has had enough stability all year that she doesn't think that I've abandoned her when I go away, which last year she clearly did think.

Then I started playing Pokemon Rumble and can I just say how pleased I am that Gamefreak went the free but limited play route on there, like candy crush or whatever? I have to believe that makes them more money in the end. On the other hand the demo for Mario Puzzles and Dragons was kind of like useless, but since I already play regular Pazudora I guess it's not like I need a demo.

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