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welcome to the forest of irrelevent signage

Apparently it is crazy thunderstorm time here. But since it's been ~90 all week, Shinchilla is enjoying the breeze on the windowsill at least. She gets so huffy when the window is closed and i'm like, you're the one who will die if you go above 80! Then every time there's a lightning flash she looks over here at me like I'm supposed to fix it.

you know, speaking of that, doesn't it rain where chinchillas come from? Ever? No?

Last week of school, mayyyyyybe some official stuff sorted out (fuck, please oh god), and then right after last day I go to do professional Latin stuff. I looked up my roommate online because I'm a creeper like that, and she seems way older and more professional and expert than me. DDDDDDD: plus i'm going to make a terrible first impression because my plane doesn't get in until forever. I'M SORRY. I booked an earlier one and they cancelled it!

I think i booked mostly everything for dad and my trip to Japan. we balloted for the one day of Gamushara I can go to, so fingers crossed, but even if we don't hit we're definitely going since it's the only thing I can go to. Ebi and Hasshi just announced some more stuff, which is great for them! but after I leave, so. I apparently picked just the worst 2 weeks in the entire universe. Last thing I have to do is buy our baseball tickets and I'm excited about that. All hotels are hopefully booked, although i did most of that while I was so sick i wanted to die and as we got out further west some of the options became a bit questionable. WHATEVER it's all picked.

spent most of the weekend babysitting my nephew overnight. We played a lot of Rock Band where I wasn't allowed to choose any songs and nephew tried switching me to lefty mode when he insisted we do competitive mode and then I was actually winning. He was like, well we're all winners and I was like NO. IN FACT I WON AND YOU DID NOT. which I'm sure sounds mean to say to a 6yo but you don't know my nephew. then he played a lot of Minecraft this morning and I watched a bunch of Digimon.

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOOOOOOOL. also i'm on the last episode of parks and rec noooooooo.

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