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Dweeb Summer Camp

I can't remember if I mentioned this properly or not, but I got invited to be an AP test reader/grader this year, and my school year lined up okay, so I accepted. It's kind of a pretty awesome gig, because you spend a week with a bunch of other AP teachers in your subject area, and okay you have to grade 1700 tests in that week for like 8 hours a day, but everybody I know who's done it never shuts up about how it's the best thing they do all year, ever.

So of course my flight gets cancelled and then other flight gets delayed and I miss my connection and spend the night trapped in Charlotte and arrive late and miss orientation and it's totally embarrassing since I'm new so I have no idea what I'm doing anyway. Some super nice English graders picked me up by chance at the airport, who had also been delayed, and got me to the hotel and then the conference center.

Here's what I learned when I finally arrived: 1) There's only two new Latin people. Everybody I meet goes "OH! YOU'RE the new person!!" like it's crazy. 2) Everybody consequently knows I had this crazy airplane thing so then they say "I heard you had a lot of trouble getting here! We kept hoping you'd make it!" I keep wondering, was there an announcement? Are new people that bizarre?

Apparently Latin is super hard to get into? And everybody does it for years and years so they all know each other. Also at the end of the day somebody finally pointed out to me I have a symbol on my nametag which immediately identifies me as a new person.

Anyway, everyone here is super nice, but as usual I suffer from summer camp syndrome where I cannot make friends quickly/easily, and it's even worse when everybody knows each other. My roommate is very nice and as it turns out is a crocheter and stuff, but she tends to leave me places? Like this morning I was tying my sneakers and she was like "Okay bye see you there!!" and I was like please don't leave me I wasn't even here yesterday I don't know where breakfast is!!! But except I didn't say any of that out loud so I just took it. Also she's not really my age and some kind of leading papyrologist or something so I'm a little intimidated by her. And when I went to breakfast all the Latin people were already jammed around two tables so I just sat at the next table over with some cast-off English people.

As an adult I have this really good entertaining chatty game-face, where it seems like I could fit in easily to a new group of people, but I think it just makes the problem worse by covering it up very effectively. I'm sure it seemed like I was having a good time chatting with random English people, but really I was like, see this is why I have such a complex about being left behind.

But after grading I went out and ate some non-site food with a couple other people and that was really nice. One of them is like my strange doppleganger because she is also named Sara and likes anime etc etc. Also it was nice to eat real food because holy crap the food is bad at this site. It's so processed and weird I've been eating salad at every meal which, if you know me at all, is pretty much a sign of the apocalypse.

Anyway, so I won't be around much at all for the duration of this since busy all day, but that's what's up.

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