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"please stop saying you took a caramel shot to the face"

Seems crazy but Latin teacher summer camp is almost over. Every day seems to last a hundred years because you're busy and get up so early but the week as a whole went really fast. I actually even made some friends in the end, as much as I'm capable of doing that in a week, so I hope we all get invited back next year and I won't have to start all over again. One of them is named Sara too though so it's totally awkward to talk about it lol. I should be making the most of what hangout time we have left but honestly I'm so tired I'm just slumming it in my hotel room.

I have drunk about 5 different kinds of bourbon this week which for me is about pure insanity. somehow I even found a drink that I would say I actually liked, called a Kentucky Maid. Also there was a milkshake made out of caramel, bacon, and honey whiskey which I am still recovering from. We got free hats though, since it was national bourbon day today, apparently.

Twitter informed me this morning that Casey Anderson is in a new group, which is great news for him. He's a talented kid, and seems like a pretty nice guy, so I hope it works out. I congratulated him and he tweeted back a thank you! Awww.

Speaking of adorable little bros, it's Juri's 20th birthday! I hope there is the best Tanaka Bro party ever, and he's the first one to have a group birthday too. Not that Tanaka Bro night can be topped, but I hope Kouchi and Taiga show Juri a good time. Tons of SixTONES summer birthdays! I see lots of silly staff cakes in their future. Ai no Command on Shokura, though. Soooooo not ready for these guys to be grownup hip-thrusty sex rock band. Except for how I'm SO INCREDIBLY READY FOR IT. Shintarou looked fixed, finally, happy and confident and SINGING OMG, and that is such an amazing thing.

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