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I hope Hera-Ur-Senpai notices me

I saw Jurassic Park a few days ago with my dad and totally enjoyed it. Good summer action. Plus dinosaurs! I was amused by all the references to the original park that they stumbled over and also found neither the kids nor the lady annoying. I did miss Ian, though.

Then I went with my parents to see Inside Out, which was on the one hand much better than I thought that it would be. Honestly if it weren't Pixar I would have assumed it was going to be kind of terrible, so they outdid my expectations. Lewis Black as Anger is pretty genius. But on the other hand I struggled the whole movie to move past how I felt that Sadness was basically animated me. She even kind of looked like me. Also the way she kept apologizing for being sad/making everyone else sad too, yeah. Bits of it were pretty weepy too. Sigh.

I did some work on the grad paper I was supposed to edit for possible publication, the most tedious part of which was collecting some articles to cite. Not because I needed them in the paper, but because my professor was like it has to look like that to be published "because people in academics are dumb." I have some stuff to read now, and I think the methodology paragraph I wrote is okay. I'm not sure? I've never written an article for publication so idk what exactly it's supposed to sound like. "I read all these plays and picked out the bits where ladies talk to each other." Right? Idk.

Almost at the end of Clone Wars on Netflix, which means I guess I will start Rebels after that. It's total trash that all these people die. They're all great! Mace Windu's faces are the best thing in this show. I think I might rewatch the movies before I head down to FL in a couple weeks.

Also TsumTsum and i are on a break because I only own like 2 premium Tsums and I saved coins all week to pick up a new one rather than try to finish getting the regular ones...only to get one I already have. COME ON. I hate how that only does half a skill and not a whole skill, like be serious. Meanwhile PazuDora is on drugs this week and now you can pick up Hera Ur-Senpai or Student Body President Lucifer.

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