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Florida ni ikou

It's that time of year again -- the annual pilgrimage to FL is this weekend.

As last year, I'm open to any music recs people have from this year. American/Western pop or rock, jpop or jrock, kpop or krock, I'm pretty open to suggestions. Especially western stuff because honestly, aside from playing Pandora in my classroom it's what I have the least exposure too. Full albums are easiest, but hey, whatever.

For sure I'm taking the new Kisumai album, new Jin album, and new JUMP album. Anything I'm missing? I might be an OOR album behind too actually.

Anybody know how much data it uses to stream pandora on my phone? Dad will be along for the drive back and I can burn a bunch of 60's whatever for him, but if I can stream it I'd just as soon not. My data isn't limited, though, I share with my family so I need some sense of whether that's feasible or what.

I also had a migraine that went the entire way down my face today, very suddenly, which has never happened before. Thank you for that, the pill, as usual you take all of my irritating symptoms and make them four times worse. I also appreciate the acne and the weight gain! Thank you!

Entry also posted at if you'd rather comment there.
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