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Cold s'mores is now my official florida snack

Wrapping up summer class -- final essay done and I did about as much research as I intend to do to write the longer paper. I was hoping to have started writing some of it today before heading home tomorrow but that...didn't happen. Class itself was fine, although the topic didn't really excite me at any point. The prof was nice and entertaining enough that long class hours were not a problem, but I was mildly distressed over how young he was.

Surprisingly my adviser suggested I skip next summer and spend it reading, but idk. If the topic sounds interesting I kind of want to get these summers out of the way, but if it's something like this where it's really not my bag, maybe I'll take her suggestion. Also I have to learn German and something else, probably French. Pretty sure fangirl Japanese will not count. Also i really want to take both spring classes and I really shouldn't do that. Whyyyyy.

Magic birthday happened, so Hasshi is 22 and Shintarou is 18. That is craziness! Why is that happening! ON MY WALL YOU ARE STILL BABIES. seriously though I need a new together birthday shoot more than most other things. I'm also not over how Juri and Hokuto are 20 and legal adults. Noooo.

So I mainlined the entirety of Steven Universe and you should too. I know it looks dumb and Adventure Time-y, and for the first couple episodes it doesn't seem that intelligent, but ugh that's just an innocent front so you aren't prepared when it starts ripping pieces of your heart off one at a time. It's also very difficult to explain why you really need to watch it without spoiling anything, but I will try:

Several reasons you need to watch Steven Universe
1. First cartoon on Cartoon Network created, written, and run by a lady (Rebecca Sugar). It shows in the exceptional pacing of the story and the surprisingly emotional content.
2. Episodes are only 10 minutes so it doesn't take long to catch up. I youtubed all of them but there are a bunch on Hulu and Cartoon Network has some full episodes too.
3. Nearly all the main characters are female and aside from Steven himself (whose powers come from his mother), all of the characters with special powers are female.
4. It has a clear and well-paced narrative arc done so thoughtfully that when I rewatch even very early episodes, junk that I thought was totally random is really not random at all.
5. The show is always fun and sweet. As Steven starts to understand the backstory of the gems, some things are dark and sad, and characters sometimes hurt each other in a realistic way, but because Steven himself is such an optimistic character, that becomes a strength of the show rather than a drawback.
6. Ladies kiss in this show! To be real, I'm stunned Cartoon Network is airing this as is. In general, I'm so pleased with the representation of alternate family structures, various relationship types, even the design of the characters. I had a moment where I realized I could cosplay Rose Quartz because her body type is just like mine. That's never happened before.

I could keep going but I'll stop. Basically SU has wrecked my life for about two weeks now and all I want to do is talk about it or force somebody to watch it so that I can watch them creepily as they watch it. Wait, no, I do have one more.

7. There's music, they sing. Not a lot, only when it fits in really nicely, and the music is all great. I've been singing a couple of the songs to myself all week. And Steven wrote the theme song for the gems on his ukelele.

So you should watch it! A lot. Right now. At least until you get to the one where they make fun of my state's square pizza, lol. (Steven's dad: "Son, there will come a time when you learn to accept all pizzas.")

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