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Florida + Japan + being the adult sucks

due to continued unforeseen disaster I'm stuck in Sasebo for a few hours so I guess have some kind of update.

On the return trip from Florida dad flew down and drove back with me so we could visit my aunt in Georgia. I thought he was staying there for a few days? But no, we stopped for a couple hours. Plus a bunch of hours of being stuck in Atlanta traffic. So we made it home safely in the end and it was the same two days either way, but as it turns out A) driving with another person is something I don't like doing anymore, and B) I'm not a fan of being the passenger either. So the last Florida trip, whether it's next summer or the one after, is going to be alone both ways and I don't honestly care what either parent has to say about that.

In the ten days between Florida and Japan I finished my large research paper (YAY) but not either of my FQFs, so I had to write those on the plane to Tokyo and then finish one in the hotel the first couple nights we were here. I'm pretty pleased with both. Is posting soon? I can't remember. Also possibly publishable paper came back with the note that it was totally fine except i need a bunch of footnotes because that's what it's supposed to look like (not because I actually need them). I need to register for fall classes but I haven't been reimbursed for the double summer one yet so that's a situation. nngh.

So dad and I have been in Japan since last Wednesday. We were in Shinjuku for the first 5 nights and I did get to see Rachel, Amy, En, and Chris, which was more than I originally expected. We also went to a baseball game in Tokyo Dome with Pippa and her fiance, and that was more fun than I thought. My dad used to be a sports writer so that was mostly for him, but it turned into a nice outing. Also in the middle of this I quit the birth control because I was nauseous half the time and then I started bleeding for no reason and that was the last straw. I'll just get yelled at by the doctor when I'm home, I don't even care.

After that we went to Kyoto for two nights, and the hotel was really nice and very near the station which was a huge relief. I thought dad wouldn't be that into the ryokan, but he was pretty happy. We did a bunch of stuff like Nijo Castle and golden pavilion the first day.

Second day we went to Kiyomizudera, which is my very favorite, first thing in the morning, and then out to Karumazakijinja, the temple they took Yasui to on Gamushara, where entertainers go to pray for their careers and they can buy a red fence post with their name on it. It took a lot of hunting to find Yasui, and on the way I turned up Shin, Yugo, Juri, and Taiga all together:

Daigo, Fukka, and Genki were right there too so I guess they went in a group ♥ If you don't mind the trip out, it's a nice little shrine.

After Kyoto we came out to Sasebo, because there's a little military naval museum here and also I didn't want to stay the whole way down south in Nagasaki since we were coming back up and around to Kagoshima after that. But pretty much every part of the Nagasaki day trip was a string of mistakes and problems. We started early so we could do the Peace Museum quickly before going out to the Biopark for the capybara. The museum part went okay but then the bus situation at the station was disastrous and we missed the one we needed. Even with the info desk and another guy helping us we barely made the next one. and then it was the longest bus ride in humanity to the actual park.

So if you ever mean to do that, do the biopark first thing in the morning. And maybe do it from Sasebo/Huis Ten Bosch on the shuttle rather than taking hours worth of trains and buses like we did. We finally made it 2 hours before closing time, which was just enough barely to see everything. You want more like 3 hours probably, especially if you intend to sit in the middle of a capybara herd like I did for a length of time. also I fed flamingos out of my hand and got bit by a penguin. The sign was like "dude don't do it" but I felt like it was the only chance I'd ever have to touch a penguin, so. Worth it.

so of course we missed the last bus back to Nagasaki directly from the park. so then we had to hike 15 minutes through the middle of nowhere to the bus stop in the middle of nowhere and then take the 2 hour bus ride back to civilization. We were super late to have dinner with Kaji at that point and I was worried about making last train, so Kaji came to the station and we just had omurice in the mall. That was totally fine, though, since we hadn't done that yet and it was a food dad found basically acceptable (Dad + foreign food is an ongoing battle).

But then in the middle of the night Dad had a serious vertigo attack (he's had a few of them in the last month or so) and he was up all night puking. He finally kept down some medicine this morning, but it's 11am and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. The hotel is letting us do late check-out until 1, but we can't stay here since they're full for the night. I have no idea how we're going to get to Kagoshima, or anywhere, when dad can't even stand for 5 minutes.

I probably need to go find myself some food or something. I'm tired of being in charge.

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