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me: okay listen school stuff starts next so we need to normalize. please?
body: normal? Normal is passing out on the couch from 9-midnight, forcing chinchilla time to start at midnight, and then having some kind of terrible stomach woe at 2am, right? right?
me: ......nnnnnnno.

Shinchilla had a vet adventure today. She's had a sticky poop thing going on for nearly a week now, so I broke down and made a vet appointment. But she's still eating and acting normally, so the vet said to just ride it out for a little bit longer if it doesn't seem to be getting any worse. We can do antibiotics if it's still going on next week, but that's likely to cause more stomach distress. Anyway, I bought a carrier to take her there and she was emphatically NOT pleased about being inside there. We waited ages and she kind of tired herself out though, so when the vet finally did see her, Yuri let the vet pick her up and feel around and stethoscope her with next to no fuss, and the vet praised me for having a really well socialized chinchilla who was used to being handled properly. That really meant a lot to me, given how it took like 18 months of chinchilla training/bonding to get there.

Boo end of summer. We start school late this year since Labor Day is so late, so I have some extra time but it's never enough, haha. My department has a bunch of new people so I'm a mentor again. I went in for a little bit today but it's so hot in the building yet and uuuugh so honestly I looked at my room and then turned back around. Feh. It was enough just to go in and say hi to everybody I ran into. baby steps.

I decided I was going to be Rose Quartz for halloween and basically have my entire costume at this point, sans maybe shoes, because it's like a tiered white-to-pink skirt and then a Mr. Universe T-shirt. I'm thinking about letting my hair grow out until then so I can do better sausage curls. I have a pink half-wig but I'm debating doing anything with the rest of my hair, like dying it or chalking chunks of it or idk. but, you know, school, so I can't do anything that'll be crazy on either side of halloween. ...probably. honestly I have questions about if anybody cares what I do there lol. debating having my next hair appointment right before halloween and getting chunky pink lowlights instead of my usual red ones.

relatedly, come on with new steven universe episodes already! I'm so ready!! esp given that on a normal schedule instead of a steven bomb we'll only get one new one a week.

now at 3am I am super awake. come on, body, why.

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