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long time no see~ oops. this school year is kicking my ass. I've been staying there super late multiple times a week (which you have to understand, i NEVER do) and I still can't catch up. This morning I babysat some standardized testing, which is always easy money, but oh man, getting up that sixth time in a row was brutal. I can't plan anything or go anywhere on the weekends because I know if I don't spend sat/sun basically sleeping my week off and doing work, I will be completely shattered by Tuesday. Even not sleeping in this morning was already probably a bad choice.

So this is gonna be an uneventful year, let me tell you.

Finished a blanket I'd been crocheting for a friend forEVER, finally. It was circular, so the outer rows took a zillion years. I was hoping to knit something for my teacher mentee but honestly I don't see it happening. Maybe I'll go paint some pottery.

I thought about doing NaNo for like about two hours, and I wrote maybe 500 words of the dumb 5*STAR novel that seems like it'll never be done. But I was so burnt out from writing 8k of the halloween fic on Oct 31st that I needed a break, and then see above re: too many things all the time. I had one or two fannish ideas I was batting around too, like how the Hokuto the Little Mermaid fic is clearly going to be long, or a thing about magic I made some notes for but never really started.

I did clean up my room, which had become desperate, and made a bag of donation clothing, and I was very excited to put pairs of pants in there specifically for the reason that they are now way too big for me to wear. YAY. although really I think that just says something horrifying about the size of the pants I had to buy last year. I'm making progress thankfully, but I'm so sick of broccoli being in the little vegetable packets that I could die. and last week my weigh-in was 200.0 and I was like really? really?! you couldn't give me .1 more??? stupid body.

the novelty of making substitute food has also worn off. this week I tried zucchini lasagna, which was surprisingly tolerable, but then making Hamburger Helper with zucchini chunks instead of macaroni was much less of a success.

Finished reading Six of Crows today and I definitely recommend it. It was like the YA/fantasy version of Ocean's 11.

Tiiiiiiired. looking forward to sleeping in late tomorrow.

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