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the staircase of my life only has two steps

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday if you celebrate either of those things. i made pineapple stuffing and chocolate babka, and then ordered a Boysenberry Kitchenaid mixer so the next time I make babka it will not be by hand. For some reason I've bought a lot of weird kitchen stuff in the last two weeks, so now I have a decent food processor and an immersion stick blender and a pizza stone.

it's not quite as bad as last year (not that anything really could be) but I've still been down all week, so doesn't seem like Thanksgiving will return to being a feel-good holiday for me in any near future. Since there's no one here except the chinchilla to care if I just lie face-down on the floor for a while, I guess it doesn't matter.

We finished watching Hotaru no Hikari for drama night and I really liked it. I knew she was going to end up with the manager the whole time, so I wasn't that fussed over the whole other boyfriend thing, except for at the very end when he decided he wanted different life shit right after they moved in together which (go figure) made me intensely annoyed, so i just sat there and stewed quietly while Hotaru thanked him for whatever rather than telling him to go straight to hell. But it ended like I knew it would and it was funny, so I recommend it.

I'm off school for a bit so that's nice, because I'm so tired it's ridiculous. I need to shiritori and tomorrow i'm getting fabric to try and sew myself a dress with the skater dress pattern I picked up, and at some point I'm supposed to go paint pottery with the German teacher. Other than that I see a lot of mainlining Kurobase in my future. I like it okay, but it's no Haikyuu, let me tell you.
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