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Stuff I've Been Doing

*Just finished reading The Man in the High Castle and the end was certainly abrupt. It was fine, I guess? It didn't really seem to make it anywhere, but I guess that's not the point of the alternate history there. I've been watching the Amazon Prime series of it as it goes up, and pretty much everything anybody does is completely different, so I was kind of puzzled by the whole thing

*Caught up reading Haikyuu. I didn't mean to, but I just...did. oops. I still ship Asahi/Suga like crazy and nobody else does, or nobody who writes it does. Booooo. I started a thing, but idk, I like Haikyuu so much that writing in it is hard.

*Made it into the 40s of Kurobase and finally to the end of the second Touhou match, which felt like it took a hundred years. I genuinely dislike when they play that team, and no amount of cute backstory won me over on Aomine's behalf after a dozen+ episodes of him being a tool and having a new ridiculous basketball power every episode.

*Got a Boysenberry-colored KitchenAid mixer and it's so pretty! but I haven't had the chance to actually mix anything in it yet, haha. Soon!

*only 2+ more weeks until winter break. oh man I'm so ready. SO TIRED. But my Christmas Tree is up!

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