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this mug i painted looks amazing though because i am amazing

lately every day my life is a lot like this:

stayed up till 2am finishing taking my online final get up early go to school early finish scarf that's due for holiday party tomorrow quick try to fix tomorrow's test while class works on today's study guide (x3 because I teach all levels) copy tomorrow's test during lunch drop off scarf with lady eat lunch in ten minutes shit i didn't print AP's test grade half the projects stay after school to help teach students how to arm-knit meet other latin teacher to make new test for next week and new packet for after break then go pick up mugs we painted for new teachers so tomorrow morning I can get up early to go to school early to give people their mugs before morning coffee shop...

I am getting all sorts of shit done, so on the one hand it's satisfying, you feel like "LOOK I DID ALL THE SHIT TODAY ALL OF IT I AM AMAZING." But on the other hand it's like this unendingly so sooner or later I'm just going to drop dead. Today i was so exhausted from sleeping ~3 hours a night all week that every other sentence I would flip all the letters in my words ("Find a good stop to spot in your test"), which my kids think is hilarious but really is a sign of the kind of sleep deprivation where I pass out on my desk during study hall because it's too quiet for too long.

fortunately the other symptom of that much sleep deprivation for me is that everything becomes hilarious. other latin teacher also suffers from this so Thursday nights at the coffee shop, we'll be sitting in the corner just cracking up over verb conjugations and doing effeminate impressions of Caesar ("dear diary, today Vercingetorix was SO MEAN to me...")

but anyway this semester's grad class is done, thank god, and aside from grading next week should be tame because i refuse to back up all my unit tests against break, so projects/work days. And basically all of my Christmas shopping was done kind of early, so I think all that's left is for mom and me to bake cookies this weekend. in my new Boysenberry kitchenaid! I used it to make brown butter coconut cookies last week and holy shit they were good.

FREE Starting Days extended PV and my heeeeeeeeart. I made undignified noises. Grumpy's Haru's little grumpy faces and awkward kids and ahhhhh Rin rinrinrin and "when you believe, then you become a team" fuckkkkkkkk. Sometimes I wish I had learned no Japanese at all because understanding stuff makes it all that much more fafklgljtaklejralja. JUST TAKE MY HEART, DISGRUNTLED SWIMMING TEAM, I DIDNT NEED IT ANYWAY.

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