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Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls

Used the KitchenAid to make ALL THE COOKIES this weekend. We did more browned butter coconut, and chocolate with mint chips, and cranberry orange, and the shortbread recipe Juri did on that cooking show the one time, haha. I wonder if Tanaka-mama has any idea a bunch of fangirls use her family recipe all over the place. The stand mixer made everything so easy we were like 'okay what else can we make????'

Then tonight we watched 6-10 episodes of Haikyuu because sometimes sports stuff is okay for mom and I love Haikyuu so much, and she did okay with FREE, and anyway I'm just waiting for Tama's thing to finish up or get close before I try and start it. Asahi and Suga are my favorites, and I can't understand why none of the writers I see around ship them at all.

Here are a bunch of reasons why I do:
*they call each other 'Asahi' and 'Suga' no honorifics. I think Suga's the only one to call him plain Asahi instead of Asahi-san or Azumane.
*Suga going to Asahi's classroom and looming over his desk to beg him to come back
*Suga immediately switching to the Neighborhood Association side to toss for Asahi
*"ASAHI, LET ME TOSS TO YOU AGAIN" "...the toss I've thrown to him so many times"
*"The toss thrown just for me...I lack for nothing..."
*Coach Ukai comments immediately that it's a toss/trust that shows they've practiced it together over and over and over for a long time (dude where is my flashback of this)
*Suga calling Asahi weird nicknames and jabbing him in the side
*they sleep next to each other at training camp (and obvs stayed up WAY too late)
*they're always lurking around in manga panels together, seriously always
*Suga's eyedot and Asahi's manbun (okay this isn't a reason why, I just love them both)

I mean, I see the other pairings and stuff, and I think the 3rd Year trio could be in any combination and I would buy it, but I don't get why there's hardly any of this specific one. It's so cute!

almost break, almost break, almost break...

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