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Io 2016

Happy new year, all. I had the usual new years date:

I meant to post last night around midnight, but I was watching a bunch of Twilight Zones, as is my wont, and then I passed out on the couch. because I don't have real cable anymore I'm netflixing the Twilight Zones and it stuns me that after 30+ years of marathons during new years and July 4ths, there are still some I've never seen. I'm sort of bummed out that once I've netflixed them, that can't happen anymore.

My favorites are the one about the lady in the hospital with the bandages on her face, and the camera that shoots the future, and the creepy doll (who doesn't love that one), and the woman driving who sees the same guy hitchhiking. Oh, and "Room for one more, honey." Any of you guys have any favorites?

I made this sour cream coffee cake from Smitten Kitchen for my dad's birthday cake, but I did it in a bundt pan and it came out like magic. Totally recommend that one. I whipped egg whites myself and everything. Also I got myself a used cookie book (the book is used, not the cookies), and I'm looking forward to trying some new stuff with the crazy mixer.

I should update my website. a lot.

I have a couple more days off from school so I'm planning on doing not that much with other people to try and recharge. Crocheting and writing, ideally. Seems like it's finally going to get cold and stay that way, so I'll just hang out here on my couch. Maybe catch up on Gamushara or Busaiku, or popcorntime a bunch of movies.

Countdown was really good this year ♥ I loved the pair songs, and everybody looked happy. Sorry we didn't get to see Snowman monkeys or Shintarou's first countdown, but ahh, you can't have everything I guess. I hope wherever snowstones and the other older juniors were, they had a good night and saw first sunrise.

Entry also posted at if you'd rather comment there.
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