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The Ace should shatter any wall

I feel like I used up all my emotions for the whole month on fannish stuff this weekend, between the Haikyuu! chapter, the Check Please update, and then marathoning pretty much all of Gravity Falls.

Check Please I can summarize as yesssssssssss.

New Haikyuu! chapter I will have to cut but holy shit Fukurodani!!! I was not expecting that AT ALL. I was convinced Nekoma had to win so they could meet Karasuno in the finals, and also it was the semi-final match and not the final? What the heck is going on?

I can only assume this'll be like that time Fudomine was in a weird bus accident or something and they had to drop out of their tournament slot, because I just don't see any way for Fukurodani to go to the nationals and Nekoma not. Also it's weird we don't know anything about the two other teams playing at the same time, so I have to assume that something will happen to one or both of them. I just really hope that it doesn't end up that both other teams get knocked out for whatever reason and then Nekoma/Fukurodani play each other again for the last slot, firstly because my heart can't take it, but secondly because that really doesn't seem fair.

But I was so convinced Fukurodani was going to lose that when they won I got kind of mad even though they're my team, haha. WHAT IS THIIIIIS. also this chapter was GREAT, and usually i'm not that effusive about reading sports stuff (as opposed to watching it). But oh man, Bokuto was amazing.

so then I watched Gravity Falls basically in about 3 days, and you should watch it too because it was really good. The characters were enjoyable, the music was good, it had a nice sci-fi creepy vibe to it (for something that aired on the disney channel anyway), and it was meant to stop at the end of the second season so it had a clear narrative arc and good pacing.

Somehow by the end of it I was crying over Great Uncle Stan. MY FEELINGS. oh man, that end was KILLER.

I totally knew there were two Stans when I started, because when I was still on Tumblr most of the people who were into Steven Universe were also into Gravity Falls so I had seen art and stuff, but I bet that was an awesome reveal when it was new. It was pretty awesome even when I did know, actually. And I have to say that at first I found Ford pretty grating (because I was right with Stan about what a jerk he was for not even saying thank you) but in the end I think it made more sense that they didn't make up right away. I was sort of hoping they'd have Mabel being the one to say thank you, or some other twin to twin talk going on in there, or the kids telling Ford that he doesn't understand at all, or something.

Also, not like I didn't like Mabel before, but having her be the one who trusted Stan and refusing to push the button was probably my favorite part in the whole show. After that I started to think about how Stan and Mabel are the same person, the 'strong' twin who is actually the one who needs their sibling a lot more than the other twin needs them, and how if she were left along for 30 years, she'd turn out just the same as Stan. I kind of wanted a moment in there where Stan told that to Dipper, but in the end I think the show kind of reflected that anyway by Mabel being so distraught over Dipper thinking about staying in Gravity Falls. I thought the parallels in the two stories was nicely done.

also even though the age gap made it weird, I was secretly rooting for Dipper and Wendy the whole time, because 3 years seems like big drama right then, but in like 5 years it'll be nothing. I did laugh when they did the time episode and Dipper experienced the age gap from the other end, though. I was sort of surprised they wrapped up that subplot so much earlier than everything else, and it wasn't like i expected it to turn out differently, but I was rooting for Dipper.

so yeah, it was so good, mainlined like that, but I'm so sad it's over!

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