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baking failure as per usual

I made margarita bars (like lemon bars, but you use margarita mix instead of lemon) and both times I did it, the crust layer doesn't turn out right? the first time it was too thick and this time i reduced the flour and then it wasn't crumbly at all. WHATEVER. Next time I'll just go get some other lemon bar recipe for the bottom part because the filling tastes fine. Well, except for how my oven isn't level, so one side of anything I bake is always noticeably thicker. seriously I'm the worst baker, and also I stupidly agreed to make coffee cake for a thing on Friday because I'm dumb.

Only one more day of actual teaching this week, which on the one hand is nice, but on the other hand I am totally not going to get through all the junk I want to before spring break. Oh well. My kids just get me back again so I don't care~ also today was meetings with the other side of the district, and I was blackly amused because the one teacher who is always a struggle to work with was complaining that her new hire co-teacher is...wait for it...difficult to work with. HAHAHA.

I really have to take down my christmas tree. like really. It's shameful.

Worf is getting married on my TV, to Dax, and it's kind of freaking me out. But in all fairness I sleep through half the episodes at this point (SO TIRED) so honestly I can't follow the thread of anything that's going on. We don't have much more of DS9 to finish, so I'm not sure what we'll watch for chinchilla tv time after that.

Drama night finished Seishun Tantei Haruya and i really enjoyed it! Tama is seriously cute in it, and all the little mysteries were fun. I got pretty good at figuring them out, but in the last episode my mom was hilariously the only one who got it right. I'm not sure what we're watching next but I have some recommendations from Amy that I'll take a look at. I'm debating trying Mars too, since it's getting subbed really fast and I think mom would like it, but maybe we'll take a break and do a couple movies or something.

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