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what if i just lie here on my face

Listening to new Kisumai single and I'm really pleased with it. Somehow I didn't even see a preview of the PV, weirdly, so after chinchilla time i get to watch my DVD. ABC-Z's movie was cute too, although I have to say that I was much more invested in Kawai as the flower seller than Hasshi and Tottsu + girl. My headcanon is they hook up at the end. Anyway it's Magic Week for Kisumai because of Tama's birthday and Miyata gets solo lines to start "Welcome" so I'm happy for them.

In other fannish news, I watched half of the Haikyuu stage show before I got interrupted by my class (more on that below) and it's weird but cool? I really liked the character intros, and how sometimes they put up bits of the comic on the screen. And even though it's weird, I think the way they handle live people trying to do these strange jumps and volleyball moves is pretty cool. Also their Suga is ADORABLE and their Ukai is perfect.

Class was horrendous last night, haha. Prof's mic was broken, so it was 2 hrs of classmate presentations, which are supposed to be 20 min and it took over the whole 2 hrs, so let me tell you how that went. Meanwhile some very old dude who has his wife's number wrong called me (this is not a lie) 19 times during my class and immediately after, and a couple more times today which is even more perplexing. Have you not seen your wife in 24 hours?! Also, my fricking voicemail SAYS MY NAME for fuck's sake. I know I should just answer the phone but I hate the phone and seriously? If you have called someone 18 times without them answering, do you really think time 19 is the magic number?

ugh whatever. I'm so unbearably exhausted this week that even minor annoyances seem like huge struggles. I have to get up early on saturday ofc but after that I'm going to do absolutely nothing and try to dredge up enough energy to limp to Easter break.

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