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shut UP, phone! GAH!

Um yeah, so if you haven't seen the HP news with the uber smutty picture of H/HR, then you're living under a rock and should emerge immediatly.

I thought it was a joke until like halfway through, then i realized it was on, and why does MSNBC have HP news in the first place? I'm a little concerned about all this...*takes deep breath and remembers that JKR won't let him go totally nuts*

Dumbledore a hippie? I think he's better off as a Visigoth...


I've got an HP and a PotC one I could be writing down, but I'm also trying to finish up my Neville Longbottom and the Theft of Harry Potter's Plot story (which is about 2/5 done, give or take.) And I'm clearly letting my Anita Blake-verse story hit the back burner again.

Plus, i think Anita Blake and Harry Dresden should meet. St. Louis and Chicago? def def def. Lt. Murphy/Anita? mmm, perhaps...

Like i would ever write that. *SnOrT*. IF i write some crazy crossover, Murph and Dresden are getting it on. End of Story.

And NO, sociofemme, Hermione/Millicent is NOT the new Harry/Draco.

It's NOT.
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