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I'm sorry you made me so crazy


I had serious doubts in the middle about whether I would make it, but I did. 10th year teaching was somehow even worse than years 1-3, so here is hoping next year is better. or I will die. Because I have no idea what else I would even do. only 25 more to go? Uhhh.

Had excellent visits with both Amy and then Eri, and Shinchilla now enjoys having new buddies to climb on during Chinchilla Time. Also rode every single ride at Hersheypark since Eri had never been, and got so sick it was ridiculous. That's really the first time anybody's ever come and stayed with me? People should come and stay with me, it's fun.

LET'S GO SHARKS!! JOOOOONES!!! I'm really enjoying this Stanley Cup series vs the Pens, so it can go right on to game 7 so far as I'm concerned. Jones has been amazing as our goalie, so I think I might pick him to wear his number around, but I can't find a T-shirt with him, only Pavs and Thornton and stuff. What the heck NHL shop, give me my dude.

really enjoying doing all the SASO prompt fills for mostly Haikyuu, but a little Hikaru no Go and Prince of Tennis, since for bonus rounds you can write any fandom included, not just the one you signed up for. It doesn't hurt that when I repost stuff on Ao3, I get a ton of hits and nice comments out of it. Fandom, did I find you??? there are people here what is this???? anyway I'm team Kuroo/Tsukishima in reality but somehow I keep writing a bunch of Ukai/Takeda.

This week at lunch I told the breakup email story like it was a funny story, which it certainly lends itself to, but that's the first time I ever told it for that purpose. I also at no point in the story glossed 'the girlfriend' as 'the roommate' during it, which I typically do at school, so that was probably new information for a bunch of those people, many of whom were new staff this year. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, except just to say, like, i guess it's a thing I can joke about now, or at least pretend successfully that I can joke about it. Also I've reached an age/longevity at my school where I don't especially care if people know I'm not very straight, not that I go out of my way to make a point of it. I guess when you've only had one adult relationship of either gender in 12 years, it's not so much an issue.

I think Exo's new album is GREAT. even if their MVs are pretty what the fuck. Dear JE, is there any universe in which someday I will be able to buy your music easily over itunes? Please? and I picked up some Royal Pirates stuff i was missing too because hell yes.

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