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but I need to quit switching between MLP and Bojack Horseman

I am sitting on my porch because it is not 1000 degrees! Yay!

Man, summer is flying. Usually it's like that because I'm busy but this summer I've been doing a lot of desperately needed nothing, and it's still fast. Only a couple weeks until school starts noooooo. Also I finally registered for my fall class only to discover that apparently we will be doing that at 5pm Mondays. Whaaat. What is thaaaaaat.

Been having a lot of fun doing both main rounds and bonus rounds of SASO, although this last bonus round is remix and while I think it's cool if anybody wants to remix me, I'm not sure I'll do any of them. Last round was lore/magic which I had a good time with but there weren't any prompts, so I didn't do as many fills as I probably would have if I'd been presented with a huge list of ideas. But I did write Kuroo/Tsukishima using Polyjuice potion to experiment with all the gender combinations (here), lol. It's been so long since I wrote HP jokes that I had to look up all this weird stuff.

Steven Universe every night is great, and once week 4 is over I'm going to be in withdrawal. Last night's double episode killed me with all the feelings. Honestly I'm glad they're usually only 11 minutes, regular 22 min episodes might kill me. although I had trouble with the end of this one, for the first time basically ever in this series, in the same way I had trouble with the end of Civil War. I have some faith SU will come back to it, though.

I do have a good scary anime rec, though, and it's the first season of Yamishibai. They're 4-min episodes that do urban legends and a couple of them definitely got to me. Seasons 2 and 3 are watchable, esp for something with 4min episodes, but 1 is definitely best.

I guess that's it? I'm not full of news. It's 70% couch and 30% chinchilla around here.

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