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I have to hold this all the way to the moon?!

Back from my last summer adventure~ Boooooooo. Actually i had a really nice time visiting [personal profile] beltenebra and it is totally not her fault that the only train from there to here leaves at 7:30am. I caught her up on Steven Universe and she made me watch some Shougeki no Soma which, after the peanut butter tentacles, was much more tolerable in the next couple episodes. Also I played a lot of the 2nd Phoenix Wright game on the train, which I love, but what is the point of having a health bar if four times a trial it's like "YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE."

Shinchilla was purportedly very well-behaved and even ran her wheel for everybody (chinchillas running chubbily on saucer wheels is so funny you have no idea). My mom was like "She would run it and then come over to get a cheerio from me!" and I was like no! don't teach her that's a treat trick! bad grandma!! The guinea pigs are always like 'oh you're back .___. " because my mom gives them a ton of attention while dad runs the chinchilla.

Steven Univeeeeeeeeeeeerse. For real, this show. I have all the feelings for it. I love the steady pace of revelations about other gems and homeworld and what happened during the Gem Wars. I love how it's sometimes weirdly dark, but so firmly in Steven's sweet POV that they get away with stuff on a "kid's" show that i'm like "DID THAT ACTUALLY JUST HAPPEN?!" The season 3 Nuke provided me with my now favorite song "It's Over Isn't It" which I have been singing constantly for weeks now, and it always amuses me that the original Rebecca Sugar ukelele demo of any song is always practically better than the finished version. I want an album of all of those. TAKE MY MONEY. Also a Lion plush. I want it.

BIIIIISMUUUUUUUUUUTH. I hope you read that in Pearl's voice.

They can't leave her in the bubble, right? They can't. I have more faith in this show than that, they have to come back to it. They straight up cannot leave a non-corrupted, totally sentient gem bubbled (when they're letting centipeedles peedle around?!). I am just going to sit here and think in my head that the reason Steven and Amethyst were out doing stuff on their own was because Garnet and Pearl were having frantic grown-up meetings about what to do because, yeah, okay, attacking Steven is not okay and I don't in all honesty have a problem with the way the episode made that all pan out, but I know that Steven handed them that bubble in the spirit of 'what can we do' and not 'let's stick it in the temple like that's over with haha'.

I have a lot of Pearl feelings which center around how post-Rose there are no other options for her on earth except just to be alone, despite having other people around, and that is exactly what I feel like, so despite the fact my personality is nothing like hers that is what i always think about, and that entire Bismuth sequence at the beginning of the episode punched me directly in the solar plexus of those feelings. "the Pearl I know NEVER jumps into my arms." So I need this show to come back to Bismuth and unbubbling before I actually write this intensely terrible idea I have down where Pearl starts sneaking in to talk to Bismuth's bubble without Garnet knowing and then maybe unbubbles her secretly and it just turns into more and more of a thing until it's even bigger and uglier thing than Pearl rebuilding the tower to trick Garnet into fusing.

I actually...wouldn't be opposed to the show straight up going there. I'm not quite sure SU can be dark enough for that, but it wouldn't be against any of either Pearl or Garnet's character notes, and since we already saw Pearl do something similar...I just think it would be intensely believable. Especially if Garnet refused to talk about it, like she's in a bubble and it's too dangerous and that's that, which I also think would be believable for a number of reasons.

I really liked the Smokey Quartz reveal, a lot. Also I was SO RELIEVED that Steven can fuse with gems too. I was 65% sure it was going to turn out that he could only do it with Connie because humans need love to do it or something, and I thought Steven/Amethyst would surely fuse after their fight when they grabbed hands and then they didn't, so I thought, shit it's not a thing shiiiiit. I'm pretty sure that's why Garnet's "AAAAAAAAAAH" response is so loud and long during Know Your Fusion, since I bet they were all starting to wonder too. I really hope we get more combinations. I definitely subscribe to the theory that different versions of the same gems make different versions of their fusions, since we've seen so much variation with the Rubies especially and we know they don't all the same weapons and stuff. like Rose/Amethyst still made a Smokey Quartz, but she wasn't THIS Smokey and she clearly didn't have a yo-yo. I also wonder if Stevonnie once fused, can then fuse with others, or if Connie herself makes that a no-go.

Also due to reasons I mainlined all 3 seasons of Bojack Horsemen in about four days and uh...don't do that. Or at least, don't do that until you won't end at the end of season 3 anymore. Idk if 4 will be less soul-destroying, but at the end of 3 I basically felt like I empathized way too deeply with this guy (horse) that nobody ever should even sympathize with and EVERYTHING IS MEANINGLESS OH GOD. Maybe starting with "Brap Brap Pew Pew" was also a bad idea. Or honestly, maybe it wasn't? like if you're trying to figure out if you can handle this thing, maybe you absolutely should start with that one (it's mid-season 3). I'm not even sure whether I'm recommending this show or not. I thought it would be bad, like I think Archer is bad, but I kind of think it's good, in a dark guilty way. It's definitely honest, in a way most TV isn't. It has clear narrative arc and characters that are sometimes bizarre but never in an uncharacteristic way. Why am I defending Bojack Horseman? I don't even know.

You know, BJ and SU are kind of like the polar opposites of the best things on TV right now, or at least their tones are opposite. SU's message is like growth and change are hard but positive and works best when you extend trust to others around you, BJ's message is more like past a certain point there's no way to change or escape the deep core part of yourself, even if you want/need to, even if that part happens to be destructive or self-destructive. So both of them are like "You have to be yourself" but SU is like "You have to be YOURSELF" and BJ is like "You HAVE TO be yourself."

I'm not even sure why I just sat here and thought about that for 20 minutes. OKAY.

So anyway school restarts soon and I'm already anxious ugh. I've been trying to update my website and I'm down to just shiritoris (plus I guess SASO) so if I could finish that by the end of summer I would feel good about that.

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