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Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do!

About Me
I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god I'm so old). I've been mainly in Johnny's Entertainment fandom for a long while now, but I love shounen and sports anime, so once in a while something sticks.

My AO3 is [ profile] mousapelli but the easiest place to search through my insane amount of fic is on, my website. The newer stuff will be on Ao3, though, because I'm not the best at updating, and for anime fandoms it's a more worthwhile place to post.

In General
I'm really easy, honestly. If you write something that you enjoy, the odds are that I'll like it too. If you need more guidance, I tend to write the kind of thing that I enjoy reading so you can read through some of the stuff on my archive. In general I lean towards slice-of-life, banter, group fic, that kind of thing.

Friends/teammates hanging around, group setting, banter and teasing, boys just hanging around and doing stupid stuff together, hijinks. I love group setting, so friends at school, or rinkmates, teammates or university friends, that kind of thing. I like all kinds of relationship fic like confessing or getting together or established or moving to next level, casual hook up turns into something else, pretty much anything is fine. Gen is okay too? If it's got a good hook to it, like about character development or people growing together, or something like that.

I actually really like horror or scary stories? Like ghost or supernatural type, not gory. But unless you have a GENIUS idea I'm not sure I'd want to see one with any of the fandoms/pairings I signed up for.

Neutral (wouldn't ask for it directly but I don't mind if it appears)
I don't hate AUs but I prefer fic that's close to canon (aging up is all right, though). Somehow this year ABO became a thing I'm totally fine with, up to and including mpreg if there's a decent explanation for it. I sort of gently don't mind sex/relationship that have a non-human partner (Dark Shadow/whoever in BNHA for example, or the AU where Kirishima is the dragon/Bakugou). In-canon type violence or sports injury don't bother me at all.

I'm not intensely kinky and I don't read a lot of stuff with toys, serious domination, fetish things, etc. I can take tense or sad fic so long as it's going to come out all right in the end, so unfixable things like character death or major injury aren't any good (although see above how good horror/scary fic as an exception). I really like the characters just as they are 95% of the time, so you're better off avoiding stuff like gender swaps.

You do you. I love porn, sure, but if you end up with slow burn friends to lovers and all I get is some kissing, I can live with that for the sake of good build-up and/or plot.

Honestly I feel like I already said what I had to say about these fandoms on the form, but here are some more thoughts if you want them:

Dorm life, man. I love everything and everybody in this fandom, so this is super wide open. My usual pairings are Midoriya/Todoroki and Bakugou/Kirishima, but i love Uraraka and Iida and Tsuyu and Mina and Tokoyami and Kaminari a whole lot, so any kind of training or practice together or friends trying to help hook up friends or any kind of ensemble thing here is good. Internships! oh man I love Fatgum SO MUCH. Or aged up a bit where these guys are starting to be sidekicks or heroes is fine. For Tododeku I think it's super sweet when they're cutely working through the stages of trying to get together or be together, but I also think that once established Deku would be A+ interested in temperature play. For Kiribaku, I just find Kirishima's "i will win you over by being persistently awesome" attitude entirely wholesome, and while these guys having the most stereotypically romantic high school relationship in the world gives me life, I also really enjoy "everybody except them knows they're already dating." Also Kirishima is Bakugou's dragon and you can fight me.

I wrote a long Midoriya/Tokoyami and ended up shipping them (and Dark Shadow) so if that at all appeals to you, that is rare pair gold right there. If there is any earth in which you would write me Dark Shadow being involved in some sexy times, I would like to live on that earth.

Kingdom Hearts
I mainlined all the games in the last few months, including BBB and 3D for the first time, and now I'm having a ridiculous Sora/Riku renaissance. I love the have been best friends forever trope, and Riku growing up enough to accept himself is my eternal jam. I would totally go for them going to worlds they haven't been to together, or training together, or just making out, I don't care. Either confession or established is great, I personally headcanon that he would have said something in the time they spent alone at the end of KHII but I can also roll with after 3D if that's what you want. And if you truly prefer Sora/Riku/Kairi, I am a-ok with that as well.

Axel/Roxas is another pairing I have, I just have a hard time figuring out where to write it where it's not stupidly painful and see above about how I don't really prefer AUs, so it's tough. I could get behind some well-done Axel/Sora, though, where it's not that Sora/Riku doesn't exist, just that Sora has Roxas' feelings too, and they all know he does, so it's dumb to pretend they don't all know it's there. And I feel like his hero's need to meddle would totally drive him to attack Lea with honesty about what Roxas felt but never told him. Also I am SO THERE for Kairi and Lea being bff training buddies, no worries. I hope Lea calls her 'princess' all the time.

South Park
I'm just super into Craig and Tweek. Their get-together is so pure in canon, and Craig trying to figure out how to take care of Tweek in Put It Down made me so happy. It's fine with me whether you think they're romantic the entire time, or whether at first it was to make everybody else happy and then they have to work it out, or whether they go on a long time being "fake" before they realize they have real feelings, whatever. I also super love guinea pigs, so a Stripe mention would be great. I'm cool for whatever other pairings here, although I do like Kenny/Butters a lot (Mysterion coming to Butters' window while he's grounded aawwwn) and overall I'm Stan/Kyle vs any of the other pairings for either of those two.

Please age them up to at least high school if there's any kind of real sex, but I'd take fluff and cuddling and kissing at any age, maybe even making out a little.

Macdonald Hall
You could do anything with Bruno and Boots and it would be great. School fic, university fic, summer break fic. I can never decide whether it's more satisfying if they figure out they're in love while still roommates or if it's separation that brings that on. Bruno has to be ENTIRELY DRAMATIC about it. Boots has quietly known about it forever but was waiting for Bruno to figure it out. Dorm 3 trying desperately to hook them up when secretly they're already together, or else trying to keep them apart (because shared walls) when the two of them don't have a clue.

I am totally into Suga/Asahi, Hinata/Kageyama, Kuroo/Tsukki, Ukai/Takeda, and also think Bokuto is amazing. I love everybody on Karasuno being friends and helping each other and working out, and training camp or going to nationals or studying together. I really like the future idea of Yamaguchi being captain, and of Kuroo, Daichi, Oikawa, and Bokuto all being together at university in Tokyo together. GYM 3!! I like the friends who have been friends for a long time (Tsukki and Yamaguchi) just as much as the pairs who are learning to be friends now (Hinata and Kageyama, Kenma and Lev). and I ADORE sassy senpai (Suga, Kuroo, Bokuto) making their kouhai's life troublesome.

This is also a fandom where i'd really go in for OT3 or OT4, for instance any combination of Kuroo/Bokuto/Akaashi/Tsukki, or any combination of Karasuno first years (including Yachi), or any combination of Gym 3.

Persona 5
I played 120 hours of this game this summer and I thought the anime was playing up the Ryuji/Ren, but no. No the game had so much more. I'm into these two fighting together or training in Mementos or doing it in Ren's attic room and driving Morgana crazy. Team bonding stuff is awesome as well, there's nobody on Team Ren that I don't love, and I especially love the tightknit BFF trio of Ren/Ryuji/Ann, and Sojiro acting like Ren's Tokyo dad and the awesome sibling relationship between Ren and Futaba. There's so much good interpersonal stuff. I always think that Ren will try and do his last year of high school at home and either not make it and show back up at Shuujin, or else he'll be back for university, so you could write in any of those places. And if you'd rather call Ren Akira or whatever, that's fine with me too, no worries.

Thank you again for writing for me! I hope you have a good time!

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