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In which Sara lays down the law

Why does my Acquisition work fine for awhile and then not connect at all suddenly for no reason?

olukemi, i keep forgetting to say that the art came a few days ago, and i made it its own little frame out of some sparkly tattoos and an Absolut ad that was pretty colors (i'm sure the boys would approve). Thank you, thank you, a million times! I redid my layout with the art too, and made sure your signature stayed on it.

The girls in my class did a dirty harry potter sketch yesterday that involved dildoes. I did not set this up. And one girl has a spew badge, and another has started calling her breasts "The Weasley Twins". ah, to be a 14-year-old Greek student.

In other news , there was a bit of a problem with some girl my instructor has visiting him here. She's been coming over during all our breaks, and then all Sean does is go off to the side and talk to her, ignoring the kids completely. I mean, this girl sits outside the entire time we're in class, just waiting for Sean to come out. Sean's also been late to every class and study session for the last few days, and i couldn't get two minutes with him to discuss the next day's class at any point over the weekend or during the week.

So needless to say i was a little frustrated by the time today rolled around, and sean was late to class (he's the fucking INSTRUCTOR) and i couldn't start the class on my own like i had yesterday because i had no intention of teaching the kids an entire grammar lesson on my own (participles). And then, one of the girls who can see the steps up to the classroom from her desk was like "what's SHE doing here?" and sure enough, in walks Marny (the girl) with Sean.

She came to class with him. In a teensy little pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap top. I was agog. and then FURIOUS.

So, not only was already going to have to talk to sean anyway, because i've NEVER TAUGHT BEFORE and have NO IDEA what's happening until the night before any given class, but during the break, the kids all got together in a huddle and called me over and said i had to get rid of Marny because she was creeping them out.

That was the last straw. So I asked to talk to sean off to the side for a moment, Marny no doubt glaring at me but i didn't look, and explain to him that it is not cool that his scantily-clad possibly girlfriend is invading our class and dominating all his time, etc. Now, Sean has been at CTY for six years, and i have been here a week and a half, and yet we had the following conversation:

me: "Your class is uncomfortable with this whole Marny thing."
Sean: "I asked Ron [our academic dean], and he said it was okay."
me: o.O "well, i'm telling you it's not, not to mention the attire is not really professional in any sense."
Sean: *long pause* " should I like...get rid of her?"
me: *grinds teeth* "that would be ideal, yes."

So Marny was dispatched of via an intense conversation off to the side which i refused to watch (but asked the class to tell me if she cried so i could look). Before lunch, Sean pulls me aside for a moment and says something along the lines of "he hopes that now that things are resolved I'll keep it quiet, because he's got a good reputation going on at CTY". >.<

The sidenote here is that the girls had a little prank on sean this morning, where they came in wearing layers, and all through his morning lecture kept removing pieces until they were wearing skimpy little outfits, some with fishnets. Sean failed to notice until the girls got so frustrated they just told him what was happening.

When Sean asked me what it was all about later, I, still fairly pissed off, said "I think it's really a comment on what it takes to attract your attention this week."

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