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some hentai smut

well i told you i was writing Inuyasha/Kagome! It was hard, i haven't written het in over a year, plus i have a confession:

I have no idea how Inuyasha's clothes work. Are they two pieces? pants and a shirt? is it an outer robe and an inner? what's the damn thing called? (musesfool suggested i should change it every time just to be funny)

regardless of the obstacles, here it is. I only watch the show, so i didn't use any of the japanese words that i ought to be using, but keh. (except for 'keh' obviously, cause i like it)

PS--I've been doing all of this during the study halls, with all the kids watching. If they only knew what i was doing on the laptop...

Fucking Humans

Inuyasha stared into the fire, well into his usual post-transformation funk. His ears itched, his hair was swinging in his face, he kept biting his tongue with his fangs…he glanced across the fire to find Kagome smiling at him.

"Stop it!" he snapped. The smile disappeared, which irritated Inuyasha even more.

"What's your problem?" Kagome demanded, glaring at him.

"Nothing! Just forget it!"

Leaping to his feet, Inuyasha stormed away from the fire and into the dark. His ears flickered as they picked up Shippo asking Kagome what he'd said now, and Inuyasha sped up so he'd be out of earshot as soon as possible. As far away from Kagome as possible.

She was confusing him, getting inside his head while he was vulnerable as a human, while he had all those emotions that humans couldn't control. Stupid humans.

When the firelight was a glimmer on the horizon, Inuyasha threw himself down to sit in the middle of the field, resting his chin on his hand.

The human Inuyasha had wanted to sit next to Kagome, very close, wanted to touch her, smell her, even kiss her again…not that Inuyasha didn't want to do some of those things normally, a little, but certainly not bad enough to actually do any of it!

The footsteps rustling the grass didn't surprise him one bit.

"Inuyasha? Are you all right?"

"I said forget it," he grumbled, refusing to look up. "Go away!"

Ignoring his command, Kagome walked around Inuyasha until she could kneel in the grass right in front of him, forcing him to look at her.

"What's wrong?" she asked, and when Inuyasha refused to answer, snapped, "I'm just trying to help!"

"You can't help!" Inuyasha shouted at her. "There's nothing you can do, so just get lost, okay?!"

"You know," Kagome settled herself more comfortably in the grass, "sometimes it helps just to talk when something's bothering you. It makes me feel better."

"This is exactly what I'm talking about!" Inuyasha exclaimed. "It helps humans! I'm not a human! I'm a demon and demons don't have all these ridiculous human feelings that you want to talk about all the time!"

"You father was a demon," Kagome pointed out stubbornly, crossing her arms, "and he had feelings for you mother."

"You don’t know anything about it! He didn't have feelings for her, she was beautiful! Demons don't fall in love or any of that crap, they just…like pretty things," Inuyasha finished lamely as Kagome leaned closer.

"Is that what I am, Inuyasha?" she asked, sliding her hips over in the grass until their knees were just touching. "Am I a pretty thing?"

Swallowing hard, Inuyasha tried to figure out how this conversation had gone all wrong. No, he meant to say, no no no no…

"Keh," he grumbled instead as Kagome pressed closer. He seized her forearms to push her away, but then just…didn't.

"And you're only a half-demon," Kagome added, but before Inuyasha could snarl out a retort, she had slid up onto his lap and pressed her lips to his.

He opened his mouth to ask just what she knew about half-demons anyway, but that turned out to be an even bigger mistake when Kagome quickly slid her tongue past his lips and ran it delicately over a fang.

A growl slipping from his throat, Inuyasha released Kagome's arms to yank her closer by the small of her back, and once freed, Kagome wriggled up farther into his lap, small hands fisting in the front of his robes. It wasn't until Inuyasha felt cool air brush his chest that he realized she'd actually been undoing them.

As she pushed the red fabric off his shoulders, Inuyasha reflected that even tiny, soft human hands had their uses sometimes. Just to prove that his own claws were still superior, he reached up with one hand and ran the very tips of his claws down Kagome's spine, making her tremble violently. Arching up against his chest, Kagome slid her knees apart to touch the ground on either side of Inuyasha for support, straddling him. Inuyasha fisted claws in her shirt with the effort not to thrust up and overbalance them.

"Don't!" Kagome pushed Inuyasha back suddenly.

"Changed your mind?" Inuyasha demanded, sharper than he wanted but didn't the stupid girl have any idea what she was doing to him?!

"You'll tear my shirt!" Kagome snapped back, narrowing her eyes. "It's not like I can just get another one in the middle of nowhere, you idiot, impatient…" the rest of Kagome's insults got muffled in the fabric of the shirt in question as she tugged it over her head quickly, and Inuyasha had to shut his dangling jaw with a snap before she emerged and noticed. "…Mom'd want to know what happened to it…"

Ignoring the way Kagome was patently unable to shut her mouth for two seconds no matter what, Inuyasha tried the spine trick again with nothing in the way, very pleased with the way Kagome's small breasts felt squeezed up against his bare chest when she tried to squirm away from his touch.

"Stop tickling!" she ordered, and Inuyasha kissed her quickly because her constant nattering sure wasn't improving the mood. He was fully prepared to tickle her with his claws again when suddenly she shifted in just the right way over his erection, and the reminder that the only thing stopping him from being inside her was the rest of his clothes sent a jolt through his stomach.

When Kagome pulled back again, Inuyasha's fantasies turned briefly to strangulation.

"What NOW?!" he snarled, voice having a definite ring of desperation.

"Well honestly!" she barked, eyes flashing, "one of us isn't being very helpful with the undressing here! I'm doing all the work!"

Inuyasha was really about to let her have it for that one, but then her tiny, soft human hands were slipping in between them and undoing the rest of his clothes and pushing them just far enough to the side that her tiny, soft, wonderful human hands could stroke him. Letting go of Kagome and leaning back to give her a better angle, Inuyasha sank his claws into the dirt and rolled his hips into Kagome's touch, making it easy for her to pull his clothes mostly out of the way. She was staring at her hand wrapped around him as she stroked, a crease of concentration between her arched eyebrows.

Watching Kagome's thorough consideration of him through half-slit eyes, Inuyasha thought that possibly he could do without strangling her, for the next little while at any rate.

Then he lost the ability to think anything for a few moments, because Kagome was holding his cock steady with one hand and raising up on her knees and edging forward a little and when she came back down, sliding onto him so slowly, Inuyasha couldn't contain a whimper, and didn't she usually wear that silly cloth thing under her skirt? What'd happened to that?!

"Don't all girls wear skirts like this in your time?" he squeaked out, trying to save face, "Can see why, so convenient."

"You…are…such…a…JERK!" Kagome panted, and Inuyasha could feel her thighs trembling against his with the effort of holding her up, and he was just about to demand to know what she was waiting for when her muscles gave out and she slid down firmly onto the rest of him with a thin, high noise that didn't sound like the height of ecstasy.

It occurred to Inuyasha suddenly that perhaps Kagome had never done this before.

"Are you…" Inuyasha was practically shaking himself with the effort of not thrusting hard into Kagome, so tight and hot, he could feel her fucking heartbeat in his cock, "…you okay?"

She nodded, eyes squeezed shut and breath shaky. Inuyasha sat up, careful not to jostle her too much and put arms around her back to take some of her own weight, feeling the fine tremble in her muscles. Kagome pressed her face into his neck and he stroked the skin of her back, the warmth and smoothness of her skin weirdly fascinating.

After a few moments, Inuyasha had to shift; he tried to be careful, but Kagome stiffened as soon as he moved. An apology was about to drop from his lips when Kagome's body relaxed against him a few degrees.

"Try that again," she asked softly, "careful."

"I'm being careful," he grumbled, but he did try to move gently. Kagome hissed at first, but then moved her hips just a little with his, and loosened up a little more in his arms. Even that tiny motion made goosebumps ripple down Inuyasha's arms, and he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to Kagome's bare shoulder, letting his fangs graze her skin lightly.

Whimpering, Kagome shifted around him, leaving Inuyasha clinging to the edge of his control by the tips of his claws, and her warm gasps against the hollow of his throat weren't helping much either.

"Kagome," he growled, not sure whether he was going to tell her to stop right now, or never stop, but then she was taking one of his hands from her back and sliding it between them, pressing his fingers right above the spot where her was buried inside her. Gaze pinned by hers, Inuyasha saw her eyes widen when she pressed his fingers against her, and finally caught on.

Shaking off her hand and adjusting his own so his wrist didn't feel like it was about to twist off, Inuyasha was very careful to keep his claws from scratching the hot, slick folds and brushed the spot again with the pad of his thumb.

Kagome made a soft noise in the back of her throat and shifted her hips to get closer, nearly snapping Inuyasha's control right there. Tightening his arm across her back so she couldn't wriggle too much, Inuyasha rubbed his thumb against Kagome more firmly, shuddering himself when she pressed her face into his shoulder, her whimpers making his skin tingle.

He wasn't prepared at all when she cried out and went completely rigid, locking her arms around his neck and biting down on his shoulder. Inuyasha froze, ready to stop and pull out now, well not really ready at all, but he was obviously hurting…


The way she was murmuring his name and slumping bonelessly against his body didn't make it seem like he was hurting her, but who could figure out these damn human women? One minute they were ripping off your clothes and the next biting you, and the next they were…

…licking the wound lazily, the heat from her tiny pink tongue spiderwebbing across his chest, tangling a hand in the hair at the nape of his neck, practically purring against him.

"Did…" Inuyasha asked, coming to a slow conclusion, "…did you just…"

"Mmm," she answered, using her grip in his hair to tilt his head for a kiss. Inuyasha's hand tightened on her hip as she urged his lips open and ran that wonderful tongue of hers across the points of his fangs.

It was the easiest thing in the world to lean forward, his calves cramping from kneeling on them too long, and spill Kagome into the grass on her back, leaning over to follow her before she could even open her mouth to protest. She reached up to shove him, eyes flashing angrily, but he caught her wrists easily and pinned them above her head as he settled in between her legs. She put up a moment of resistance, but Inuyasha leaned into her to capture her mouth again, and then her thighs parted for him as easily as her lips, and he was sliding back inside her.

Just as tight and hot as before, but instead of fighting the invasion, her body was welcoming this time, Kagome wrapping her legs around his waist and drawing him in deeper. He let go of her wrists to support his weight as he thrust into her, but she didn't move her hands, fisting her hands in the grass above her head and pushing up against him for more.

"Inuyasha," she moaned, eyes opening just far enough to watch him over her, and the heat in her voice drove him over the edge, growling low in his throat as he came, Kagome wrapped tightly around him inside and out.

He let his head fall against Kagome's chest as he gasped open-mouthed for air, felt her relax underneath him and her legs slide back off him to the grass. She brought her hands to his hair, ruffling her fingers through the pieces that hung in his eyes. Inuyasha raised his head to find her smiling at him knowingly.

"What're you so pleased with yourself for?" he snapped, feeling nettled when her smile only widened. "This doesn't prove anything."

Instead of arguing, Kagome leaned up to crush her mouth to his, driving the argument from his mind as her hands tightened in his hair and her body tugged on him, still inside her, and it took a moment for him to realize that the low growl was spilling from his throat. When she released him, looking even more smug than before, Inuyasha easily transmuted some of the heat into irritation.

"This doesn't mean what you think it means," he snarled, wondering where the hell his body was digging up more energy to be turned on again already.

Kagome shoved him suddenly, knocking him off her chest and out of her, and quickly rolled to her feet before he could pick himself off the grass.

"Sit!" she commanded, sending him back down with an undignified 'URK' as she bent to scoop up her shirt and tug it back on quickly. "You haven't got a clue what I think, Inuyasha."

He lifted his head just enough to glare at her as she jogged back to the fire, watching the swing of her hair and the sway of her hips with narrowed eyes.

Even when the spell wore off, he remained in the grass for a while longer, glaring after her, the scent of her strong in the dirt underneath him.

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