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plenty of ratfulness to go around

my CTY roommate just made some little movies of my rat for me with her digital camera! and because the ibook rocks hardcore, it took the movies from her camera with absolutely no problem. so, if you want to see what the mulciber cuteness is all about, here you are (files are all about 3MB):

Mulcie eating a Loop of Froot

Mulcie snuffles the camera and gets his side scratched

Some hardcore froot loop eating

You thought i was lying about him getting bellyrubs, didn't you?

the thigh and occasionally hand are mine. In the last movie you get a good look at the slashes on my hand from his most recent bath. he's not so much for the water.

This week was a bad one for the rat, he had a lice incident. I bought some bedding from walmart to change his cage, and the next day he was CRAWLING with leeeeetle brown specks.

While inspiring immediate terror in the owner with waist-length hair, it turns out that lice are species-specific, so no problem there. furthermore, the solution to lice is actually to feed the rat a tiny bit of horse dewormer, which came from petsmart, and then it gets into his blood and kills any kind of bloodsucker except tapeworms. this shit was amazing, the things were almost gone a few hours later.

in the meantime though, since the scare happened at night, there was a trip to walmart to procure dog parasite shampoo and herbal lice remover. so the rat just took it while i slathered this lice stuff on him and had to let it sit for 10 minutes. he must have been miserable because he was so good, and didn't move or try to eat it or anything. I tried to comb out the lice, but there were just too many and it was kind of a lost cause.

so we turned to the shower, which had to happen because of all the crap in his fur anyway. the shower was the only option in the dorms, so there i was, in the shower with the illicit and pissed off rat. And that's how i came to have slash marks all over my torso, including across a nipple.

but the lice are gone, and we are both much happier. so don't buy walmart bedding. PS--the rat is currently chewing my bedsheets, which means my life is now officially a JKR book.
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