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fucking website

so, the website is over my bandwidth limit. AGAIN. It hasn't happened in months, actually, but i'm just tired of thinking about it. the whole point of paying for the website was so that i didn't have to worry about it. if it would just turn itself off when it ran over, i would live with it because i WOULDN'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT ALL THE EFFING TIME.

it's just stupid, because after the last drama, the site is mostly text, fics and such, and then my email, none of which should be an inordinate amount of bandwidth. (ten percent of my bandwidth goes to people reading "So You Want To Transfigure Yourself a Rock Band :). If i had known it was going to be a phenomenon, i would have given it a shorter title.)

haven't updated it in months either. *feels crap* There's no solution here really, because once in a while something is going to go out of control like this, and i won't know about it until it's already way too late.

Now i have to email greg (my webhost) about pro-rating. Fuck.
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