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that batshit meme that's going around

1) Your HP nickname: Mousapelli I spose, even though it's the same name everywhere

2) Do you write fanfiction: are there people who don't?

3) Draw fanart: I've doodled a few things for my RPG, but nothing brilliant.

4) Review much: not really, I don't rec often

5) Read too many fics: I'm a little selective, so I don't know about too many, but probably by most people's standards yes.

6) Favorite house: Ravenclaw

7) Favorite Gryffindor student: Neville

8) Favorite Slytherin student: Blaise Zabini, just cause I like the intrigue. Although it's over now, I spose.

9) Favorite Ravenclaw student: Padma I guess. None of them thrill me really.

10) Favorite Hufflepuff student: Gilderoy Lockhart. No, he IS, I SWEAR.

11) Favorite teacher: McGonagall. So much fun to write against the Marauders

12) Favorite overall character: Sirius Black, no question.

13) Favorite adult: the Twins! What, they're of age now, aren't they?

14) Canon/fanon Draco: I'm a fanon slut, what can I say.

15) Canon/fanon Snape: Canon. Snapecest makes me want to puke.

16) Voldemort or Dumbledore: Voldemort. At least he's honest about the evil.

17) Cho, annoying or not: eh, not really. Harry's brief attempt at het didn't bother me so much.

18) Your OTP: Remus/Sirius. Oh yes.

19) Other ships you sail: uh, I'm pretty loose about it. But in particular, Seamus/Dean, Harry/Neville, Harry/Draco, Remus/Bill, triosmut, Gred/Forge.

20) Intriguing ships: older Weasley/anybody

21) Underimpressive ships to me: Bill/Fleur

22) Hated ships: harry/snape. GUH I hate the snarry.

23) Het, slash or femmeslash: slash usually, but anything done right is fine

24) H/Hr or R/Hr: R/Hr. Harry/Hermione gives me the willies.

25) D/Hr or D/G: When done right, yeah.

26) H/D or H/SS: H/D, although it's hard to find stuff that isn't disgustingly angsty.

27) Older gen, younger gen or cross-gen: I HATE cross-gen. The only people who are allowed to cross into either world are the older Weasleys

28) Canon or AU: Canon in general, although once in a while AUS can be brilliant.

29) Fluff or angst: I'm a sucker for a happy ending

30) Darkfic: not super dark, but if something intriguing is going on, I'll read it.

31) OOC or IC: IC. Or else what's the point really?

32) SuddenlyVeryPowerful!Harry: isn't the premise of the entire series?

33) One-shot or chaptered: doesn't matter, but I don't like to read WIPs.

34) Novel-length: I have to really like the author.

35) Gen, het or slash: I'm not picky.

36) Drabbles: are good writing practice. Can have punch that longer fics lack.

37) SuddenlyVerySexy!Draco: people just don't do this convincingly.

38) Fanfiction Pet Peeves: Unbetaed stuff. Siri and Remy. ICness in general

39) Canon or Fanon: Canon unless you need something for real. I really hate making up OCs, even when necessary.

40) Many ships in one fic: It depends. Sometimes I stop in the middle and think "they can't ALL be gay!"

41) Best book: PoA

42) Why: it's the first book with any real Marauder play, with a lot of remus/Sirius information. Oliver Wood's shining moment, and Hermione looking like a total ass.

43) Your opinion on the book six title(HBP): who cares about the effing title?

44) The HBP is: Remus.

45) SS or PS: PS. Doesn't matter to me either way. I'm not sure why they switched it in the first place.

46) HBP or PoS (Pillar of Storgé): I kind of like Storge, but honestly, who even cares?

47) SS/PS or CoS: CoS, there's not so much introductory and more fun.

48) PoA or GoF: PoA

49) GoF or OotP: OotP, but only because of increased Sirius time, and especially the Marauder Pensieve scene.

50) PoA or OotP: this is a tough call. I think overall it's PoA, but I have more favorite scenes in OotP

51) CoS or OotP: OotP

52) SS/PS or OotP: OotP. Marauders! MARAUDERS!

53) CoS or GoF: GoF. Cedric. And Padfoot.

54) SS/PS or GoF: GoF

55) SS/PS or PoA: PoA always wins

56) Liked OotP: as a whole, not my favorite book, but the little bits are wonderful. I love the twins, the Sirius action, the pensieve…my favorite scenes in the whole series are definitely here.

57) Wishes for HBP: That Remus is actually around doing stuff. Lots of Twins action. More marauder backstory/flashbacks.

58) Things you don't want to happen in HBP: No Luna/Anybody.

59) Cried for Cedric: Yes. Oh god yes.

60) Cried for Sirius: Like a little girl. Couldn't believe it. I was reading so fast, I was actually a few sentences ahead before realization hit and I had to go back and read it all over.

61) Dark or Light Side: well…it's not like I condone pointless violence…but you have to admit the dark side is a lot more interesting most of the time.

62) Did the explanation of the prophecy satisfy you: are you kidding? Who hadn't figured that bullshit out a million years before that? although I liked the additional Neville info.

63) Which character(s) needs some more development: Remus. Older Weasleys of all sorts. Peter Pettigrew.

74) Blaise's gender: Male.

75) Tom Riddle's eye colour: er…is this a debate in fandom? I guess I think they're brown, but I'm sure that's movie canon talking.

76) Luna fan: Hate. Luna.

77) OC's, done or not done: Resist at all cost.

78) Liking Weasley ships with 'Flame' or 'Fire' in the name: what now?

79) Weasley love: oh baby, fuck yes, harder, oooooh.

80) Malfoy love: Draco's all right, I spose. I'm not into Lucius.

81) Potter love: You’ve gotta love ‘em, even when they’re treating you like crap. Those damn Potters. It’s the hair. (Victoria SO BLATANTLY snurched this quote from me!)

82) Is Lucius really 49: uh, what? There's debate about this?

83) Brilliant ship name (Don't need to ship it, though!): Fagrid (Fudge/Hagrid). I wrote it, and I'm sticking with it.

84) Plain stupid ship name: Snack? Are you guys on crack?

85) Voldemort. Bald. Yes or no: he IS. Do you guys debate EVERYTHING?

86) The power He-Knows-Not and the power that saved Harry is: I swear to god, there is too much discussion of things that are resolved here.

87) Your view on Hufflepuff-ies: They have their uses. Copying homework, personal amusement. Although they should leave Quidditch to the Gryffindors, Slytherins, and the occasional upstart Ravenclaw.

88) Should Ron say 'Bloody Brilliant' more than once?: aw, it's cute, leave him alone.

89) Hermione. Pretty. Am I right?: Emma Watson sure the hell is. I guess Hermione's reasonably attractive, boys are trying to snurch her from Ron and Harry.

90) Best HP fanfic ever: There's no way for me to judge this. I will say that Stealing Harry is the fic I use to suck people into fandom.

91) Rec the 2nd best, too: Fairy Boys. It's an acquired taste, and you have to love Velvet Goldmine, but it punches quite a few of my kinks.

92) Did HP change your life dramatically: It's the first fandom I've ever had a community supporting me in. it's been amazing.

93) Marauders. Like or dislike: oh baby, there's a silly question. They're such ASSHOLES, how can you not adore them?

94) Prongs, Moony, Padfoot or Wormtail: the Padfeet rock my world

95) Could Lily have been an animagus too: why? Don't you have enough?

96) What animal Lily would've been: she's actually a Floramagus. Take a guess what I think she'd be.

97) Did Harry pass his Potions' O.W.L.s: Don't be stupid, of course he did. He didn't get expelled for using magic during the summer, did he?

98) Did Ron: I'm sure he passed, with what amount of eptitude who knows.

99) Is Harry going to die or will he survive: No way to tell at this point. I'd kind of like to see him just get peace at the end, because he's going to be too fucked-up to do much of anything else.

100) What gives you the most warm fuzzies in your stomach in the whole HP-verse: Can it be fanon? Because it's blatantly Copperbadge's ickle!Neville in pajamas with snitches on. Other than that, Oliver Wood going up against McGonagall for Harry's Firebolt, Question 10 (the banter! Oh, the banter!), Padfoot watching Quidditch. And best of all, joint Christmas presents.

I cut out the art section, because who cares really?

the kids were a nightmare tonight. I'm going to sleep it off.

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