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and it ain't over yet, folks

I managed to write a drabble. a real one, that is actually short!

dude, what's going on with me this week? Soon I'll be one of those, whaddyacallem's, decent authors. ;)


Harry relished the feel of a well-cast Finger Numbing Charm slipping covertly from his wand and striking its target. He enjoyed the clink of a quill falling to the stone floor of the dungeon, and the soft curse of its owner. He delighted in the blond boy's glare and the knowledge that the quill's owner HAD to know by now that he was causing it, since he'd cast the charm four times that class alone. Most of all, Harry savored the sight of Draco bending over to pick up his quill.

Harry gave a soft, blissful sigh.

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