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and you thought i hadn't been writing

My first fantasy request for pornish_pixies is FINALLY done. I got locked up over the actual sex, which was really frustrating, but at last i forced everybody into the right position and coerced nature into taking its course (it so is always Remus' fault).

Just Following Orders [Harry/Neville/Remus, NC-17].

furthermore, I have been indulging in comment ficlets of late. for musesfool, some fluffy Sirius/James is here, and for florahart, a little random Harry/Neville was had from the prompt 'paperclip' is here.

Up next: more packing.

PS--meupatdoes, I just heard that for the remake of the Japanese horror movie "Ju-on", the leads are Sarah Michelle Geller and Jason Behr. EEEEE!
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